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By : Anne Duchemin

Hearst Magazine Editor Joan Coles released her book earlier this year titled, Love Rules: How to Find a Real Relationship in a Digital World. In the book Coles elaborates on a set of rules , that can aid women in figuring out love in a digital age.

Rules Include…

Tip #1. ” Put the Phone Down”

Tip #2.   “Make sure you understand the difference between ones digital self and ones actual self”

Tip #3. ” The most valuable thing you have in this world is your relationship with other people”

Tip #3. ” Solitude should be Protected and Valued”

Tip #4. ” Don’t think about what others are doing, focus on yourself , let your anxiety streak free”

Tip #5. ” Don’t get lost in other peoples lives set aside time to do your own thing.

Tip #6. “Dating and too much alcohol don’t mix”

Side note : Just to be clear Mrs. Joanna Coles indeed made it clear that she does NOT  Netflix & Chill….. LOL

What the Rom-Coms Haven’t Showed You!

Although Joan Coles’ rules to love and life in a digital world are significant, we’re here to discuss what you really want to know. What site should I use, and for what?  I mean, we’re in a generation where people wouldn’t even know where to meet the guy of their dreams. Every single Romantic comedy you’ve seen probably started off at a bar, work, or the gym. Three places that sound great…. FOR A MOVIE. Lets’ dissect the three locations. At the gym, you’re either sweating profusely or looking like the desperate girl taking pics on for the gram! The bar, it’ll probably end up in just a one-night stand. Then there’s work, imagine having to quit to avoid your ex!!! Absolutely Not.  So let work through dating apps and lets see what going on.


Before Tinder came out, my dating life was left at the hands of Instagram. Going through my DM , filtering bios, and sliding through any and ALL photos to decide if I wanted to go out with a guy. I mean I still sort of do that, but Instagram filtering is now the last step, and not the only. The first step is swiping right…

When I was dating my ex, Tinder has just came out and I was curious to see what it was. My ex who at the time was away at Syracuse totally flipped out on me when one of his friends saw that I was on it. Granted being on this app was out of pure curiosity! He simply told me that people on campus were using it to hook up, and of course he assumed that’s why I was on it!

Post break up, it was of course the first app I downloaded, LOL. But the hooking up wasn’t why. I met a few cute guys and ended up dating someone for a few serious months. BUT LESSON LEARNED, about 90% of the guys are ONLY looking to hook up, some even with their girlfriends YUCK!

Listen, a girl is not here to judge! Do what you want, but you wont find long-term dating here!


The funniest BIO’s you will ever find….. IN LIFE. Check out the screen shot below

I mean….  need I say more? The amazing thing about this app , is that it ask you a ridiculous amount of questions , so before you swipe right you know exactly what the person on your screen is looking for. It even tells you, your compatibility rate … AMAZING


So the weird thing about bumble is that not only is it a dating app , and also a “make a friend”/ looking for a job app. I know…. ITS A LOT , but it has all those three different settings. Something seems off about trying to get a job , and finding love at the same time. Its like if Indeed and E- Harmony combined forces , but lets face it girl you cant afford E-Harmony.  I found that bumble is really great for finding really nice guys , that IS  all I have to say.

Have I found prince charming on any of these sites? NOPE. But I’ve gotten some free meals and drinks out of it , so there’s THAT. Good luck ladies , and remember Joan Coles’ first rule “Put the Phone Down” , your next boyfriend could be across from of you on the train. Oh that’s sounds romantic, a 20 min train delay where you lock eyes , and he sits right next you and says “You are gorgeous”. That’s a story line I can go for!

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