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By: Mindy Wu

I tend to not go for paid pop up events because I know that I’d have to keep spending more if I was there, but OMG Dessert Goals was an exception for me. There were a couple of dessert places that I’ve been wanting to go to, but I just never had the time to travel to those places and this event brings some of them all together in one place, perfect for foodies like me. Usually when I do go to a paid pop up event, I would also try to make sure to find the best ticketing deals and I found a 5$ off coupon on Rebecca’s Cake Pop’s Instagram account. I’m also not a morning person, but since the Early bird Sunday 10 AM package was the cheapest for the weekend, I decided that it was the time to go for and I hit up my dessert squad.

No line, THANK GOD

Surprisingly there was no line to get in at about 10:15 AM on Sunday October 21 and I walked inside the Sound River Studio arena to wait for my friends to collect all the FREE swags included in our package. Each package was entitled to a free boxed water, mochi, and Sugarfina candy bag. If you wanted more swag, I believe there was a 35$ with fees+tax swag bag package, but we chose the cheapest because we just wanted to try the other desserts like Silk Cakes, Kochin desserts and Rebecca’s Cake Pops.

Pricing, Was it Worth it ? 

As a dessert lover, the prices at the event were a bit too high for small portions of dessert. The ube flavored cake from Silk Cakes was probably the best dessert I had that day and it was 6$. The Silk Cake was a bit too sweet, but the texture felt just right and I would be going back to the Fresh Meadows location in Queens whenever I would like to try them again. The most expensive dessert I got was the Rebecca Cake Pop bouquet which costed 25$. I kind of regret getting the bouquet since they were just made of similar cake pop flavors and wish that I chose one rose cake pop instead. Kochin Desserts was also on my dessert goal list and I got the Coffee Bomb for 10$ and wish I got the Autumn Crush for 9$ instead, as the Coffee Bomb didn’t taste that good with the coffee flavor. Usually food events are held outside on the streets, but I give OMG Dessert Goals a thumbs up for holding their event indoors! Overall, I think that the OMG Dessert Goals team did a good job in planning the events and I hope to see them come back with more dessert collaborations in the future. Next time, I would also like to volunteer for the events happening around the New York area because I learned that I love event planning.
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Mindy Wu

Mindy Wu is a senior from the CUNY BA program at The Graduate Center expecting to graduate in May 2019 with a double concentration in Fashion E-commerce and Web Design. Her aspiring career goal is to become an E-commerce expert who will also be managing the buying and selling of merchandise goods. Aside from being the Technology Director of AG, she also enjoys shopping, eating good food, travelling, photography and attending fun events.

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