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What to Expect After Halloween!

By: Mindy Wu

Welcome to November, my most favorite month of the year! With the Halloween candy after sale hitting the racks of most drug stores retailers and Black Friday coming our way soon, you may not want to miss out on those deals. November is the month I do most of my shopping because it helps me save a couple of bucks on the things that I’ve been wanting. During these times, I like to follow websites like,, and to keep track of their promotions and discounts with other businesses so I can earn some cash back and save some extra cash.

So, the day after Halloween is usually the time when I go shopping for candy because there’s a lot more candy in stock. Candy has always been my favorite since a kid, but since I’m too old to go trick-or-treating during Halloween now, I just wait for November 1st to fulfill my sugar cravings. This year, I’m not craving chocolate too much so I would probably go with something sweet or sour depending on what I find on the racks.

Who’s excited for Black Friday!? I AM.

Black Friday is definitely my most favorite holiday of the year after Thanksgiving and followed by Cyber Monday. I just love seeing sales everywhere in stores and online and I love comparing the prices from most retailers to find the best deal. Although it takes time hunting, I would always make sure to find the best value before making my final purchase before the day ends.

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Mindy Wu

Mindy Wu is a senior from the CUNY BA program at The Graduate Center expecting to graduate in May 2019 with a double concentration in Fashion E-commerce and Web Design. Her aspiring career goal is to become an E-commerce expert who will also be managing the buying and selling of merchandise goods. Aside from being the Technology Director of AG, she also enjoys shopping, eating good food, travelling, photography and attending fun events.

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