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Venus In Retrograde: Love Stories

By: Anne Christelle Duchemin 

Venus in retrograde will soon come to an end on the 16th. Venus often synonymous with love in all forms, has been  meddling with the lives of all signs in the past few weeks. Venus also interferes with our money ( not always in a good way), so maybe wait till its over before walking into that expensive vintage store. This is a time for thinking of  financial plans, and for re-thinking our personal relationships. Here are some real Venus in Retrograde  stories from a few Zodiac Signs. 


“I met up with this guy to talk about his clothing line, the interview went on for a little over an hour. Then he asked to stay a while and we talked. Nothing more! But I could feel some tension between us and we spent the night sexting.  I had met someone a few days before, he was still living in his ex’s house, but assured me they were over. I like both of them. One of them is charismatic, charming and nevertheless obviously a fuckboy, the other is trying to replace  his ex-girlfriend with me. I don’t know how I get myself into these situations.”


“Me and her were friends since high school.  More like sisters actually! She was around when I started dating the love of my life. Even after all these years I still think about him. Me and him were best friends since middle school , and towards the end of freshman year in high school we started dating. We’ve been on and off since then.  I haven’t spoke to her in about two years , him about one. I found out last week that they’ve been hooking up for the past couple of months.”


” I’m living with my ex-boyfriends best-friends, girlfriend. (re-read that line if you have too) He’s one of those ” I tried to fix him because I loved him so much”- men,  but he’s just legit a piece of shit. I made sure to un-follow all of them off of social media because I wanted time to get over the relationship. Last week I decided I would follow the girlfriend AKA my roommate again. She posted a picture of him(my ex) and his new born.  I was quickly sent a myriad of text with screen shots. I was just as shocked as everyone else.”


” My boyfriend has been getting on my last nerves this month. I finally decided to move out of my parents home, and got a room in Brooklyn. My mother got me a vanity, which my boyfriend offered to put together. When I got to my new apartment he had damaged most of it, with screws missing,  and additional holes. I texted my best-friend and told her I was breaking up with him.”


” I still live with my girlfriend, but I started hanging out with this guy.  I haven’t had sex with a man in years, and it was a break from all that was going on at home. He would come to my job everyday and take me to lunch, we would flirt a bit but then occasionally it would become more then flirting. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I don’t know if it was love but I missed him, and I couldn’t stop talking about him to my co-workers. I had my girlfriend at home, and so did he ! But a part of me wished he would leave her. He complained so much about her, then took her to Vermont to meet his family.  I don’t know what I was thinking.”

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