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The Pill Club

By Kevelyn Vargas

Ladies… DON’T ever get scammed into paying a huge amount of money for birth control. I went from paying $15 monthly to NOTHING monthly by subscribing to The Pill Club. They’re a birth control subscription service that delivers you your monthly supply of birth control directly to your doorstep. On their website, they make their mission perfectly clear, “A woman’s body is hers and hers alone. She deserves access to information and the ability to choose what she decides as best for herself. We understand the barriers that prevent individuals from receiving birth control. We seek to empower young women by providing greater and more affordable access to a medication that puts her future in her hands.”


I subscribed last month and already received my package and WOOOOW BITCH I WAS STUNNED! The package included birth control pills, emergency contraceptive (Plan B), two boxes of female condoms, a male condom, a cute little sticker that said, “I am magical!” and some super cute (and very well designed) informative booklets that explained everything you need to know about the contents in the package. Everything was so dope and I was truly impressed to the point that I had to shout them out, I had to let every girl out there know you don’t have to pay money out of your pocket to make a choice that’s completely yours to make. Check out the video below to see what my package included!



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