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Landing an Internship in The Fashion Industry

By: Anne Christelle Duchemin

I promise you this isn’t a boring, ‘ go to your professional development center’ speech! I (Anne Christelle Duchemin ) go to CUNY’S City Tech , NOT F.I.T and NOT Parsons. Yet, I have managed to do 4 internships, including Oscar de La Renta , Jill Stuart and Halston Herritage. I say this  because what school doesn’t teach you , is-that landing that first gig is more then the extra-curricular activities on a piece of paper. This is a guide to landing an internship in the fashion industry. 

(Side Note: I’m going to assume you did however go to your schools professional development center, your mentor or professor and got your resume, cover letter and portfolio looked over… )

Where Does One Find a Fashion Internship?

  4. (type in fashion internships, LOL)
  8. PVH.COM (They house an array of American companies)

Dress the Part 

Although this sounds cliche, dressing for an interview in the fashion industry has different rules, then those of the ‘normal’ corporate world. Its more about then just looking ‘appropriate’ , its about being on trend !  You’ve seen Devil Wears Prada, so you KNOW to bring your A game. Unlike Andrea we live in an age where we have a ton of assets that can help you dress for that job! (AKA social media).

  1. It is extremely important that you dress synonymous with the aesthetic of the company you are applying for. 
  2. Try to stay away form black. Dress in colors that make you seem more inviting.

Do Your Research 

Glassdoor is my best-friend. Before you apply make sure you get insights on the corporate culture, see if their past interns enjoyed the experience , and most importantly get access to interview questions, DUH!

  1. A prepared interviewee, will lead to a good interview. Use the questions you find on glass door as a guiding point to what sorts of questions they will ask
  2. If Interns are simply running around miserable getting coffee, is it even worth it ? THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS NO. If they’re not effectively preparing you, how will you be able to land a paying job? 

Know What Your Taking About

Make sure, you come prepared with industry knowledge that goes beyond the classroom. Make sure your reading up to aid you in understanding the ever-so changing industry, consumers, and trends. If you  are able to somehow spark real industry conversation, you are golden ! Example: If  your interviewing with Saks, you should know 1. Their consumer 2. Issues Brick n’ Mortar stores are facing, 3. news related to the brands they carry. 

Must-Do’s for your Interview

  1. arrive 15 min early, get a feel for the room and get yourself settled in. 
  2. Always make sure you are able to state the skills you have required for the job 
  3. ALWAYS mention the transferable skills you have. Wether it be skills you gained as head cheerleader, working at Forever21 , or in school group assignments!  (TRUST ME , I had a friend who never worked in fashion in his entire life, and  landed an internship at Calvin Klein because of his ‘transferable skills’ as a waiter.)
  4. Always shake the hands of the interviewer, contain eye contact, always ask ‘where may I sit?’, smile and look excited for the interview! 
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Anne Christelle Duchemin

My Name is Anne Christelle Ceverine Duchemin and thank your visiting AG! I am the Editor & Chief of AmbitchousGirls. I am currently a college student in my last year studying the Business and Technology of Fashion with hopes to go to grad school for journalism. I currently write for my own blog and For the New Tech Times.

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