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Meet The Real Life ‘Crazy Rich Asian’

By: Anne Christelle Duchemin 

I don’t know about the rest of you, however after watching the CRA movie I was dying to find the real life Crazy Rich Asians. If the movie was even 1/8th true I needed to get into their lifestyles. After hours on IG I found @EC24M. 

THIS WOMEN HAS A BIRKIN MADE OF DIAMONDS. DO I NEED TO SAY MORE?  Jamie Chua is a Singaporean socialite and businesswoman.  

Jamie Chua was an airlines stewardess who married an Indonesian  
millionaire Nurdian Cuaca. After there divorce she was granted a hefty monthly alimony agreement. 

Jamie Chua, a mother of two is the epitome of lavish living. Owning over 200 Birkins, giving her one of the worlds largest Hermes collections in the world. Watch Below 

If only I could find a Crazy Rich Asian to pay off my student loans! 

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Anne Christelle Duchemin

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