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Fuck Toxic Masculinity!

Oh, toxic masculinity, how I fucking hate you. Shits a fucking pet-peeve. I try to be the mature and classy person whenever I come face to face with it but mentally I’ve decapitated the asshole over and over again until their body is drained (sorry, it got dark in here). I am of Dominican decent so I am no stranger to it because it’s known, old-school Caribbean men ooze out toxic masculinity. So, I’ve had my fair share of moments. I’ve even gone as far as to calling up mothers just to let them know they gave birth to a human shit stain of a boy. I’m usually like a jack-in-the-box whenever I witness it. I’ll sit and observe the bullshit that’s dripping out their mouth, I seriously try to keep it cute and quiet but right when I’ve had just about enough I come in like Tyson and verbally fight back. I would physically fight back but Mona Scott isn’t cutting me any checks anytime soon (plus I don’t fight fair).

I know we can’t be out here screaming at every shit stain that feels it’s okay to ooze out toxic masculinity like some crazy person and it can’t be any good towards my blood pressure or stress levels. My mother always told me to turn the other cheek and don’t stoop down to their level. As someone that’s trying to mind their business, that’s exactly what’s attempted whenever faced with a waste of space. But it doesn’t always go that way.
Recently I had a confrontation with a classmate about this topic and honestly had fun ripping his toxic mentally to shreds. This boy’s whole personality is a joke, his complete existence is a joke. He left that classroom that day making jokes about my appearance which honestly had zero effect on me because if you have to mention someone’s appearance in an argument in an attempt to win, you’ve lost.

The one and only tip I can give to women out there in the world ducking and dodging shit stains with toxic masculinity is to remember, women outlive men. So, get a nice little life insurance on your own shit stain and just play a fabulous waiting game of karma. If that doesn’t give you peace of mind then look around, take a good look at your surroundings. If you’re at a workspace, keep it cute and quiet. If you’re not, fuck it. Light the flame and burn away.

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Kevelyn Vargas

My name is Kevelyn Vargas and thanks for reading! Aside from writing for AB, I’m also the Marketing Director. I’m currently a college student studying Communication Design. I've been told I have a very THICC New York accent. In my spare time I create rose-filled illustrations.

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