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6 Steps on Sunday To A Stress-free Week

By: Ruth Jordan 

So its Monday morning, are you ready for your week ahead?

Let’s recap your Sunday, more than likely you’ve either slept in all day, or maybe you’ve binge watched everything on Netflix. Though that’s always a great way to spend your last day before re-entering the week ahead’s hustle and bustle; here’s a few things you can do instead that can help your week move smoother. 

1. Get your to-do list in order.

Just by writing out your tasks for the week can give you a better idea of what you need to tackle throughout the week. Organizing your tasks by due date, followed by importance is a great way to break down your list to ensure you don’t miss a beat. Also for big projects, splitting up the work load across a few days of the week, instead of waiting for the big day to complete everything, will help to work in your favor and feel less daunting. 

2. Get that laundry done !

We’ve all had that frustration, when we plan to wear something and find out, “Oh s**t its in the wash !”. It’s truly a cringe worthy moment, especially when you have to improvise on the spot what will be a great substitute. So let’s avoid that by sorting the colors from the whites, bunch your delicates, and head to the laundry so you have no worries during the week. 

3. Food prep time.

A big culprit for where my check disappears to throughout the week, like many people, is in the purchase of food. I myself never realized how much money I spent weekly between lunch at work, spontaneous dinner dates with my girls, and take-out, until I incurred paying rent and utility bills. (*Face palm* adulting right!) One thing that truly helps out with this is meal prep! Even if you only choose one meal out of the day to prep for the week, it will add up in your wallet. Choosing a meal that you can make family style, certainly will save on time, and money.

4. That’s a fit sis !

You totally did #2 on this list right, so this should be a breeze! Now that all your options are available since that laundry is fresh out, we can go a step further by prepping your fits for the week. If there’s a special event, or date happening during the week you should definitely start with putting that fit together first, and work your way around the rest of the week. Make sure to check your weather app  before you start this, so you don’t end up in a pickle later. 

5. Check your finances.

Make sure your up to date on all of your finances. Check you bank balances, as well as your calendar for any utility bills or credit card bills you make have due during the week. If you have your automatic payments set up your all set, but in the case you don’t, no one like over draft fees or late payment fees, so don’t forget to check. 

6. Relax it’s still your day off. 

There’s nothing like some self care to finish off a Sunday. Relax, get your mani pedi, a glass of wine, meditate, whatever is your vice to wind down; because sis you made it through last week, best of luck on this next one. Let’s be great !

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RuthOliviaJ is a senior in the Business & Technology of Fashion BA program at New York City College of Technology. Her goal is to continue her career in the fashion world by becoming an e-commerce developer, as well as being a fashion travel blogger.

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