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Breakup Playlist; What to Listen to When getting over that Ex.

By : Anne Christelle Duchemin 

As easy as it is to drown in your own sorrow, listening to 90’s R&B classics like ‘Weak’ from SWV… DON’T!  Yes its healthy to cry and be vulnerable, but sis don’t drag this break up for another 6 months! There’s a point in time post break up where one needs to redirect their sadness into something positive, and gain a confidence boost.  There’s an array of songs out there focused on getting back at your ex, and crying about how much you loved them. Where are the ‘F@#! my Ex’ song? Here is a list a songs design to get you off that bed , or prevent you from keying his car !  

Ariana Grande – Thank u, Next

I mean , I broke up with my ex 3 years ago, and I was still like ‘thank u, next’. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade , Ariana utilizes the negatives from each relationship as a learning experience and thanks them for …. I guess dodging  a bullet. 

LiL Uzi Vert- Now I do What I want

Ok this one is a bit unconventional, but think about it ! Being in a relationship means having to always think about the other person, ditching your girlfriends, cutting off your guy friends because your man is  just soooooo insecure. Now you can do what ever you want ! You can finally breath and think for yourself !

Chris Brown ft. Tyga – Deuces

This playful lighthearted breakup song is perfect. Instead of dwelling on the situation, Chris and Tyga are basically saying ” Bye, I can do better anyways, hope you have a nice life “.  In other words basically a big FU, without sounding bitter AF!

Nicki Minaj – Looking Ass

If Nicki is good for anything , its a confidence booster. ‘Looking Ass’ basically  shades almost any man you can think of. Stating lines like….               

“Talkin’ ’bout “It’s paid off” but it’s financed, lyin’ ass nigga
Bunch of non-mogul ass niggas
Frontin’ like they got a plan, Boost Mobile ass nigga,”

LOL , just think of your ex when your singing the song ! 

PINK- So What 

This song is extremely necessary , if you someone getting over a mentally abusive relationship. This song provides you with affirmations about yourself that are positive and remind you that you DO NOT need your ex. 

Saweetie- Icey Girl

Like Nicki Minaj, another great confidence booster. 

TLC – No scrub

Were you dating someone who constantly asked you for money, and put an immense amount of financial pressure on you ? Well this is perfect ! You should always date someone with the same ambition as you . Do not settle for Josh , and his unemployed ASS! 

Destiny’s Child- Independent Women

Like ‘No Scub’ this song talks about financial independence and not needing a man. Shout out to the girls doing their own thing!

Toni Braxton- He Wasn’t Man Enough For me 

Whats worst then a breakup ? Having to see your ex with someone else. You just have to remember why you left him , and why it didn’t work out. ALSO ANOTHER CONFIDENCE BOOSTER. 

Listen ladies, don’t let breakups define you ! Life has to move on, and so should you! 

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Anne Christelle Duchemin

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