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My Top Korean Food Places

By: Mindy Wu

Korean food is one of the top choices on my foodie list when I go out with my friends. By watching a lot of Korean Drama and listening to mostly K-POP music, K-culture has really influenced me to try delicious Korean food. Here is a list of places I like to get my Korean food at: 

Boka (St.Marks)

Korean Fried Chicken is my current favorite korean food dish and if you haven’t tried it, you should try it at Boka in St.Marks! The KFC is just so good at Boka with the Soy Garlic and Spicy seasoning blended onto the skin of the chicken, I just can’t get enough of it! I’ve tried other items on the menu, but I still feel like the KFC is the best out of everything else. 

Turntable Chicken Jazz (Koreatown)

Turntable Chicken Jazz is another place I like to get Korean Fried Chicken at whenever I am feeling KFC and I am around Koreatown. The KFC is so crispy here that I usually bring my friends here to try my favorite dish! Aside from trying the fried rice and corn cheese dish here, I think I would mainly stick to the KFC because it’s just my favorite thing to eat right now. 

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong (Koreatown)

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong is one of my favorite KBBQ places in Koreatown, Manhattan out of all of the KBBQ places I’ve been in the area like Miss Korea, Jongro, and Let’s Meat. There’s always a line during dinner time because this place is very popular with a cool welcoming vibe that their workers bring to the customers who came to eat. The best part that I love about this place is when the corn, cheese and egg are mixed in to the grill, making it more convenient to mix with the rest of the food! 

Picnic Garden (Flushing)

Flushing is pretty far from where I live, so I usually only get to go to Picnic Garden if my group of friends plan to hang out in Flushing to eat. If you didn’t know, Picnic Garden has been a famous KBBQ place in Flushing for its All you can eat KBBQ and area to pick out your own meat or food. Aside from the other all you can eat KBBQs like the new Let’s Meat that recently opened in Koreatown, I feel like the quality and atmosphere of Picnic Garden is better to eat at! 

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Mindy Wu

Mindy Wu is a senior from the CUNY BA program at The Graduate Center expecting to graduate in May 2019 with a double concentration in Fashion E-commerce and Web Design. Her aspiring career goal is to become an E-commerce expert who will also be managing the buying and selling of merchandise goods. Aside from being the Technology Director of AG, she also enjoys shopping, eating good food, travelling, photography and attending fun events.

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