Designer Jerry Lorenzo Gets a “Lil Jerry” From Coolrain Lee

By: Ruth Jordan

What better than seeing one of your favorite designers flourishing and pushing the boundaries in Luxury/Streetwear? Seeing amazing art that pays them homage, thats what! Scrolling though my IG feed I saw  a post from Jerry Lorenzo holding a mini him, and I just had to know more. This detailed art figure is created by Coolrain Lee the art director of Coolrain Studios.

Creative efforts by @CoolrainLee was a collaborative project which included, costume designer @Ladybroown , painting by @WickedPiece_,and Nike Korea. All of which resulted in a miniature Jerry Lorenzo, or as he likes to call it “Lil Jerry”. Lorenzo has had a responsive year this 2018. With the release of his Fear Of God: Sixth Collection, and highly anticipated sneaker collaboration with Nike we’ve spotlighted in FUTURE COLLABS post. These creatives payed close attention to every detail, to a man who is very detail oriented. From the hair, to his earring, even the Fear of God Nike sweats they put him, its truly a mini Jerry.

Coolrain Lee & Jerry Lorenzo

Though this is a one-of-one, we can totally use a few more of these “lil Jerry” figures out in the world. Or maybe just one more for me to collect in my fashion library, thanks (lol) ! Awesome work Coolrain Lee, your attention to detail is sublime.

“Lil Jerry” full packaging.
Lorenzo & Nike collab replica in Yellow Colorway With LED 
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