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By: Mindy Wu

Shopping is one of my most favorite hobbies, but what I noticed over the past years of spending on clothes was that most of my purchases were actually poor choices. Being a young millennial who is prone to fashion marketed trends from social media, I was greatly influenced by what people wore and what the trending outfit was for the season, but that got out of hand quickly. I used to purchase a lot of my clothing from Forever 21 because the prices were cheaper, but after a few washes, I noticed how bad of a quality the clothing actually was. So, I moved on to Zara, TopShop, and Urban Outfitters, but clothing can be very expensive depending on the type of styles you buy or the type of stores you shop at. Then, one day while searching the web for clothes, I came across the website: Rent the Runway, where you could rent clothing for a monthly subscription. I haven’t actually tried out the subscription yet, but I would love to when I have a need to rent out a holiday dress, formal wear, casual clothing, or even work clothes.

Fashion Subscriptions

Rent the Runway

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Rent the Runway allows you to rent a certain number of clothing pieces at a time depending on the subscription you pay for per month. You can receive 20% off the reserve subscription for the first month if you sign up for their email newsletter.  They have many designer clothing that you could rent to try and send back whenever you want while your subscription is still active. For the Update subscription plan, you can rent up to 4 pieces at a time and swap for more throughout the month. Rent the Runway makes it very convenient for its customers by doing this type of fashion subscription and it definitely saves time from washing clothes and new buying clothing that will only trend for the season. Here are the subscription tiers of Rent the Runway:

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Le Tote

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Le Tote is another fashion subscription that I found different from Rent the Runway. They offer monthly plans at 79$/month for the classic and $89/month for maternity. If you subscribe to their email newsletter, you can receive 15% off your first month of clothing rentals. What I like about Le Tote is that you have an option to keep some of the clothing pieces for 50% off retail prices and return the others that you don’t find relevant to your clothing collection.

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Mindy Wu

Mindy Wu is a senior from the CUNY BA program at The Graduate Center expecting to graduate in May 2019 with a double concentration in Fashion E-commerce and Web Design. Her aspiring career goal is to become an E-commerce expert who will also be managing the buying and selling of merchandise goods. Aside from being the Technology Director of AG, she also enjoys shopping, eating good food, travelling, photography and attending fun events.

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