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Oh So This Is The New “Passing”

By: Ruth Jordan

So as I scrolled on my social media yesterday I came across a post that made me look twice, and then after I read the caption, I kept swiping to make sure I was truly seeing what I though i was seeing which was Caucasians in the practice of “passing” as an African American.

Instagram handle, @BlackGirlsWithStyle who serves as a platform to highlight and promote brown skin girls of all hues who have a passion for fashion, shared photos of Instagram users who used makeup, retouching, and even body enhancements to portray themselves as African American individuals. Using a side by side profile of each girl before and after you can see som notable differences. What do you think about this, let us know in the comments below. 

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RuthOliviaJ is a senior in the Business & Technology of Fashion BA program at New York City College of Technology. Her goal is to continue her career in the fashion world by becoming an e-commerce developer, as well as being a fashion travel blogger.

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