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Supreme Shout-Out From Apple, Happy Holidays!

By: Ruth Jordan

Everything done my apple is on purpose, as we know by the imbedded need they have created  in us to buy their products every time they drop, could it be that the shout-out they gave Supreme in their holiday ad be a salute? If you think about it, Supreme is the fashion equivalent to the Apple tech super power. Every time they drop their respective products these always a hype, there’s always a line, and there’s ALWAYS big money involved.

This cross platform reach pulls at the target consumer both brands appeal to, a cool creative that likes exclusivity, you can’t get the quality of Apple products anywhere else. Just like Apple, you can’t get Supreme merch from anywhere but the source or a 3rd party reseller that will cost you a fine penny like a apple product; not to mention both products are probably all over Christmas wishlists everywhere. And let’s talk exclusivity for a moment as the creative artist in the video ties right into this. As she doesn’t want to share her gift with anyone are she keeps it locked up in a box at home, which she later see is a mistake because it brings so many joy.

For a commendable track record of consistently winning over their consumers every time by selling through, I think its perfect that they used that Supreme sticker on the Mac Book for this commercial. Its almost a “Happy Holidays” greeting card, from big tech giant to fashion giant.

Watch below and tell us your views in the comments! 

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RuthOliviaJ is a senior in the Business & Technology of Fashion BA program at New York City College of Technology. Her goal is to continue her career in the fashion world by becoming an e-commerce developer, as well as being a fashion travel blogger.

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