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Ways to Achieve Your New Year Resolution

Ok Betch …. New Year New You? Okrrrr

Its really easy to get that sense of urgency for the New Year. It makes us want to think about ways to improve, and have an even better year then the last. Whether its health related or financial, where here to help!

Fitness Goals

Attaining a healthier lifestyle doesn’t come cheap! That $10 salad just doesn’t fill you up the way the bodega $3 sandwich does! We understand, but that why there’s Trader Joes!

If your not much of a cooker, Trader Joes offers a variety of healthy frozen food options. The first time I went there I gagged at how cheap the food was. They also have an alcohol section where you can buy a bottle of wine for as cheap at $3.00 (but your trying to be healthier so NO ALCOHOL).

When it comes to going to the gym, I always say “baby steps”. Don’t overwhelm yourself, because then you’ll just give up. Focus on how you feel , not how much you weight. For me the struggle was never about going to the gym, it was always have the motivation to do something at the gym !

Soul Cycle BABY! My favorite thing is that they offer you a first class of $25 , then a starter pack of 3 classes for $75. There’s an instructor in the room, the lights are a bit dim so you don’t feel like people are staring. You can just look at your hot instructors ass while listening to drake! You will sweat you ass off and feel great. WARNING: You shouldn’t plan to do anything after your first class, it pretty intense and you will be exhausted!


Credit score sucks, no money in your savings account, struggling to pay off tuition ? WE GET IT ! Here’s some way to help you get started !

  1. Don’t spend more then half of your credit
  2. Give yourself a weekly allowance after all your bills
  3. Try to put 1/3 of your check in a savings account
  4. Eat out less, trade in the parties for Netflix
  5. Make sure to set a goal for how much money you’ll like to have in your savings, or the credit score you need for that dream apt.
  6. Don’t Uber everywhere, Skr Skr take the bus!
  7. No you don’t need to spend $5 on starbucks everyday, make it home or get it from your local deli!


I can’t speak to any specific mental issue, but we all have our break downs and our worries. Here are a few ways to just Zen out without lounging in bed all day!

  1. pick up a self help book ( my personal fave is The Wisdom of Insecurity)
  2. Take free yoga in the city
  3. Buy some sage and just mellow out to a 90’s R&B playlist
  4. Take mental notes of the ones that bringing negative energy into your life , and GET RID OF THEM
  5. Learn to love yourself , and all your flaws
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