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What Destiny’s Child Taught Me About Dating

For you post 90’s baby , before Beyoncé dropped lemonade and gave us the tea on dealing with a trifling man, there was Destiny’s Child. As a child, I thought of those songs as catchy hits, but as a full on semi-adult, I’m learning they were WOKE AF when it came to dating! Bad- Ass feminist who didn’t take no shit, but who could seduce you into oblivion.

Bills Bills Bills

This song holds all truths! My fellow feminist might disagree, but who wants to date a scrub!? Not I. I’m all here for ambition , but this song tells the store of a man running up B’s bills and not paying a dime! Equality ladies and gentlemen ! I understand you may not need a man to pay your bills, but when the going gets tough wouldn’t you want to know he could?

Cater to You

This song was truly a learning experience for me! Growing up with not much male -influence I basically did everything myself. I never felt like I need a man , but sometimes your man just wants to feel needed. Here me out ladies ! I get it , fuck toxic masculinity !

But just like we like to feel needed or sexy, men have their needs too! Sometimes its good to show some little appreciation and affections, its not just a manly things its a human nature thing.


Bug-A-Boo let us know, we could have our own lives without our men knowing our everywhere about. With update technology your significant other legit can know where you are all the time! Although great for safety reasons, everyone needs their space and privacy at times. Its not always something shady.

Say My Name

When it is something shady, fell free to bow up his phone and ask a million questions. Its ok , B said so herself!

Independent Women 

There’s nothing more liberating or attritive then a women who has their own. If the dude your dating is intimated by your success well then he is just not the one! For you ladies looking to find someone to take care of you like your dad , this ISN’T for you ! Its always great to have a backbone, but make sure your have your own source of independence ! OKRRR.

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