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By: Anne Duchemin Essence known as one of the first magazine constructed for Black Women, is also known for their outrages yearly festival in Louisiana. For those (like myself) unfortunate to go, the media company held a Street Style gathering in The Brooklyn Navy Yard. Their lineup included celebrity host Amanda Seals, Dapper Dan, and Teyana Taylor (I freaked out when she pointed to me …



By: Ruth Jordan New York Fashion Week(NYFW) is an immersive playground for designers of all walks of life to showcase their designs for the following Spring/Summer. This year’s runway shows kicked off on September 5th 2018, and designers have brought an array of colors, textures, and stories down the runway so far. I’ve chosen my personal favorite looks, from various designers, that have graced the …



By: Anne Duchemin Which Pronoun Do You Prefer? In the 70’s British Rock bands explored with their sexuality often displaying themselves in very androgynous ways, however our changing social climate may no longer call for the word androgyny. The rising acceptance of the LGBT community by the church and overall upcoming generations have decreased societal gender binaries, further changing the face of womens/menswear. In 2016 …


SKIN HACK: How to Determine Your Skin Type

By: Kevelyn Vargas There’s probably about 5 youtubers you follow , that give you information products , their regimens and what NOT to buy.But HELLO!!!!!! Why are we taking advice from people with different skin types. From your night cream to you primer understanding skin type is significant for 1, preventing acne , and 2. Long lasting flawless makeup looks.

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FOMO Photography Worthy Places for Instagram

By : Mindy Wu Incase you didn’t know, the term FOMO stands for “Fear Of Missing Out”…. and that’s exactly where I stand when hearing about extravagant events happening around New York City. Thanks to @FOMOFeed on Instagram, I can learn about every tiny detail of each event happening throughout New York City! With the growth of social media especially Instagram, I have grown more …


Fanny Pack , But Like… Designer

By : Mindy Wu SOOOOO….  you know how the streets brought back the fanny pack? Well now, famous designer brands like Gucci have come up with something new: belt bags, an even smaller version of the fanny pack bags as we know them! But let’s be real…. It’s the same exact thing just marketed different with a Gucci silhouette. Their product development team probably though …